Jennifer Johnson

Postech Grey-Bruce

Your Postech expert in the Grey-Bruce area.


Cedric Meloche

Postech Ottawa

Customer service has no limits for him!


Steve Frisch

Postech Victoria

This gentle giant can hand twist them in.


Jacques Richard

Postech Baie-Sainte-Anne

Your pile expert of choice for Baie-Sainte-Anne.


Mark Mrakic

Postech Thunder Bay

Doing great work in hard to reach places.


Andy Theoret

Postech Saskatoon

Your Postech expert for projects in Saskatoon.


Kimberly Robson

Postech Haliburton

She knows a thing or two about Postech Screw Piles.


Dedicated Installers

Postech Screw Piles is...

A network of competent, qualified and devoted installers.


Anthony Carello

Postech Timmins

Strong and steady, just like Postech Screw Piles.


Grant West

Postech Hamilton

Serving the greater Hamilton area with a great smile, friendly attitude and strong construction experience.


Chester Dana

Postech Moncton

An installer you can trust for all your projects… Simple or complex.


Glenn Fleury

Postech Calgary

Always smiling is the way to go for this busy entrepreneur.


Stan Higgins

Postech Winnipeg

Winnipeg clay has no secrets for him.

Postech Muskoka Rob Jackson-CAROUSSELLE  

Rob Jackson

Postech Muskoka

He’s mastered the art of screw piling.

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