POS-024_Stan Higgins -CAROUSSELLE  

Stan Higgins

Postech Winnipeg

Winnipeg clay has no secrets for him.

POS-017_Rob Jackson-CAROUSSELLE  

Rob Jackson

Postech Muskoka

He’s mastered the art of screw piling.

POS-021_Andy Theoret-CAROUSSELLE  

Andy Theoret

Postech Saskatoon

Your Postech Expert for residential projects in Saskatoon.


Dedicated Installers

Postech Screw Piles is...

A network of competent, qualified and devoted installers.

POS-035_Shannon Phillips-CAROUSSELLE  

Shannon Philips

Postech Durham

Your Postech Expert in the Durham region.

POS-014_Glenn Fleury  

Glenn Fleury

Postech Calgary

Always smiling is the way to go for this busy entrepreneur.

POS-MAR_Baie Ste-Anne_Jacques Richard-CAROUSSELLE  

Jacques Richard

Postech Baie-Sainte-Anne

Your pile Expert of choice for Baie-Sainte-Anne.

POs-039_Tony Carello-CAROUSSELLE  

Anthony Carello

Postech Timmins

Strong and steady, just like Postech Screw Piles.

POS-023_Daniel Giroux-CAROUSSELLE  

Daniel Giroux

Postech Edmonton

When dealing with Daniel, you know you’re in trustworthy hands.

POS-MAR_MONCTON_Daniel Smith - Carousel  

Daniel Smith

Postech Moncton

Your Screw Pile Expert in Moncton.

POS-032_Steve Frisch-CAROUSSELLE  

Steve Frisch

Postech Victoria

This gentle giant can hand twist them in.

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